The Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for Tolerance organized a tolerance parade on World Tolerance Day.

In the presence of her Highness Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid Al Qasmi, the Minister of State for Tolerance, Head of the Board of Trustees of the Mohamed Bin Rashid Award for Tolerance. The Mohamed Bin Rashid Award for Tolerance organized a tolerance parade to celebrate the World Tolerance Day yesterday at the Burj Park in Dubai under the slogan "Tolerance Unites Us", aiming to promote tolerance and humanity among the various religions and nationalities in the world, confirming the vision of His Highness Sheikh ,Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may God bless him, that Dubai is the World capital of tolerance.

His Excellency Ahmed Al Mansouri, Secretary General of the Award, Mr. Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council and Dr. Omar Al Mothana the Executive Director of Licensing and Control Sector in the Authority of Developing the Community, as well as the ambassador of Mohamed Bin Rashed Award for Tolerance, Presenter and media icon Loujain Omran also joined the parade, in addition to a large number of religious groups, social, culture and media personnel. The number of the participants exceeded 126 nationalities.

Her Highness Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid Al Qasmi inaugurated the parade reflecting the solidarity and coexistence of the community in the United Arab of Emirates, pointing out that the aim of this parade is to celebrate the World Tolerance Day, bestowing the value of tolerance in the country through the participation of all religions and nationalities. Additionally, she thanked all the participants for their contribution to the country as they consider it their second country, wishing best of luck for everyone.

Her Highness said that the tolerance message sent by the UAE doesn't exclude anyone, it is sent to everybody, to the nationals and residents of the state in the aim of rooting the values of tolerance, coexistence, respecting diversity and accepting others, intellectually, culturally and religiously, which was planted deep in the Emirati community by the teachings of Islam, Emirati Constitution, Sheikh Zayed's heritage and Emirati ethics.

His Excellency Ahmed Al Mansouri confirmed that the large number of participants from various nationalities living in The UAE proves that the United Arab Emirates is the homeland of tolerance and Dubai is the World's Capital of Tolerance, this is thanks to the initiatives and the actions taken by the state in leadership, government and people, through its continuous endeavor to embody the values of tolerance, coexistence and harmony among the different cultures and religions which constitute the solid social structure in the state. He also stressed on the importance of delivering the tolerance message of the UAE to the entire world, represented in the respect of the cultural diversity, others acceptance, renouncing violence, extremism, fanaticism, discrimination and hatred.

The parade witnessed a wide range of participation from all spectrums of society, who expressed their feeling that they are one big family in the UAE, where they don't feel different, and enjoy full freedom ensuring them life filled with peace;they held symbolic flags titled "Tolerance Unites us ", and chanting that each day is a tolerance day in UAE.

The parade was permeated by a series of artistic and acrobatic performances, and finally with a performance of the Emirati Folklore group which complimented the event with Emirati heritage showing the originality of the values planted deeply by their forefathers.

The event ended with a LED show on  Burj Khalifa showcasing  the hashtag  "#tolerance unites us" in all languages.